Unicorn Hair trends and makeup for more colors

Unicorn hair Trends and makeup

Unicorn hair Trends and makeup


Unicorn Hair trends that have the wonderful colors like the example hairstyle with color Blue Fairy, which is one of the most alluring color model. Thanks to the hair style that is displayed on the fantasy film that combines it with the color of makeup on her face and body. We can see the beauty of this hairstyle in the pictures below.

Unicorn hair style trend is actually very to mention, why? Because it feels like in a fairy tale in which horned horse with rainbow effect of light and create an imagination that gives the impression of beauty and grandeur.

Unicorn hair Trends

The unicorn hair styles such as hair color sample blue, gray or pastel colors or with other games such as green, pink. This may be a new trend in our daily lives by arranging our hair in accordance with the wishes and iridescence that fits the situation.

Unicorn hair Trends colored

You must condition unicorn hair style is consistent with your appearance, so it will look elegant and suitable for you. Can make the best with not combine it with strange apparel. Combine this with a simple appearance can make it look attractive, and can attract the attention of people who see it.

Unicorn hair with sweater

For those who have a little bit of hair color white, then the color game unicorn hair style can help make you become more attractive. And if we look with purple hair in braids and there are shades of light, it will provide a very remarkable effect. And making it as visible glow. and this hair style unicorn.

Unicorn hair with makeup


In addition to Uniciorn hair style we can also find the style Tshirt with Unicorn motif. But only limited to that alone and not about the color of his hair. Makeup can be selected with the play of color like green. If you’d like make colorful, but a little bit dark, then you can choose emerald as Chanel lipstick and darker tones for eye color.

Unicorn hair with chanel makeup

Unicorn hair with jeans


For the selection of these colors is the need to know which one is right for us, with the right combinations, because unlike normal color, so it should require greater attention. And be aware of the health of the hair so that the hair is not damaged and look healthy course.




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