The Ecaille Summer 2015 Hair with Celebrities

Rosie Huntington Witheley Summer 2015 hair

Rosie Huntington Witheley Summer 2015 hair


Do you know, écaillé means “turtle”? , Who termed that comes a new trend for summer 2015 hair. The term is taken in French. This trend is explained about the hair with faded effect as the alternation of warm shades of blond and brown. The hair color of celebrities tempting because the bright display makes beautiful wherever he is.

Gisele Bundchen summer 2015 hair

The écaillé summer 2015 hair is created from a mixture of three different techniques: bronde, Shatush and sweep, with the color of the visible light and unsightly coupled with long models, and Gisele Bundchen is one of the beautiful celebrities with this new hair trends

Jennifer Lopez summer 2015 hair

We can see brought Jennifer Lopez chose summer 2015 écaillé hair with shades of brown and copper, looks very natural and graceful.

summer 2015 hair Blake Lively

Blake Lively choose the color of her hair to match the color of his skin, how is enviable because it would affect your appearance

Summer 2015 hair Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has olive colored skin and she also customize them with her hair, look at the color selection is very natural and beautiful.


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