Madonna hair style with pink, are you want to have it too?

Madonna with pink hair

Madonna with pink hair


We may already know that Madonna now has changed her hair color pink. It may seem unremarkable, but because he is a star in pop music that everyone may know who he is, including one of the stars who created many of the trends in his style. With this rainbow colored hair style, whether also will be a trend for women who want to look stylish? With a little silver Granny hair color in the spring become a trend.

Many artists who make the hair color to red is in the past, such as Kate Hudson, Hilary Duff, Avril Lavigne and also now the option Madonna. On Instagram, somebody has criticized him as an artist who is almost 57 years as the Queen of Pop wants to dress up like a girl again. But this is a career, perhaps everyone is free to define his own style, especially as he was an entertainment; The best answer to all this is the “Helen Mirren”, the beautiful actress in England more than seventy years. Some time ago, appeared on the red carpet with pink hair. This does not mean that the pink color that they create on the hair or other colors are very young exclusive: only identify the right color utntuk that time.

Are we going to see a lot of girls with pink hair after Madonna makes a trend in instagram?

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