Hairstyle Fall Winter 2015: with short, medium and long hair

Hairstyle Fall Winter 2015 short hair

Hairstyle Fall Winter 2015 short hair


In the winter of 2015 we could see a hair style hair differently by taking a sample from the catwalks in Paris and Milan. Hair style haircut Short, medium or long term, be a proper style owned by everyone.

Some people really like the model of short hair, long and puffy. There are three hairstyles that will participate in the parade this season and that is shown by the parade at the last edition of this is masculine and androgynous models to model the shortest hairs, In the photo gallery at the end of the article, you’ll find a lot of images that inspired for this 2015 winter.

blonde bob hair

We begin to describe the look of autumn began with short hair, but not necessarily beautiful. This year will feature pieces masculine and androgynous hairstyle, super short, smooth or ruffled models, with model irregular. Short Bob trend for autumn winter 2015: with short hair and a convex models limited to above the ears, straight parallel cheeks, very organized and made a face like framed.

blonde natural hair

Hair style short hair model has the trend in 2015 with a bob haircut a little more wild and natural. Little seen in the Japanese hair style as possible.

blonde short hairstyle

Regarding long hair models for autumn and winter 2015 version presented in a very natural, not demanding permanent neatness even seem disheveled and natural, while the long straight cutting very precise and perfectly Often with a wet look. Especially in the long version and a Japanese-style model with hair covering the eyes and eyebrows and cutting style of super short in the front half.

Bob cut hair 2015

Many pictures that will be shown to choose which hairstyle suits you in winter 2015 this.


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