Hair Style Trends 2015: welcome natural dyes

Beauty Natural Hair


Beauty Natural Hair

Something unique in this 2015 hair style, Shatush era, at least for now, fading and it’s time to focus on more natural and has a natural color. Focused on the color that is very similar to that reproduce classic hair color but give more light and movement that gives us beauty treatments.

The Shatush as you know is a form of parting in two blocks of color – which should fade into one another of course – that looks like artificial; This is usually done by those who have brown hair to give the impression of glowing, details of which can be achieved by focusing on color and more natural tints.

colour Natural hair style

The proposed style is perfect for those who wear long hair. The idea is to focus on a fairly natural color and natural color similar to your own and to do so with a little ‘creative on the hair, possibly by hand or put the hue and make a curler. In this way, the color will be distributed in a gradient but it is much more natural than the way however, tends to make the lines, such as a thin look.

If you have a good basis and do not want to use colors, you can use color highlighter with a lighter or darker tone than you; The treatment lasts eight to ten times the washing and make hair shiny and soft. And less binding than any dyes.


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