Hair style DIY Curly: simple and fast

Hair Style Curly hair DIY

Hair Style Curly hair DIY


If you have curly hair, it will not be easy to find simple DIY hair style for daily life or for special occasions. Handle curls certainly not so easy, but fortunately there are a lot of tutorials that will be explained to renew their display in a few steps with many examples.

Curly hair is beautiful hair, but often to the annoyance of the women who do not know how to change the look of curly hair to be beautiful. Do not worry, have found some interesting tutorials hair styling with a simple way to create beautiful hair styles are just a few steps. This is the way to handle the type of short or long hair, you will see well with some examples of photo-photo later

If we have a long mane of curly bob we can create an atmosphere of elegance for evening chic with just a head equipped with a hairpin.

To create beautiful when long hair and we can start collecting strands of the knot over in some parts of the tips is driven at the bottom of the hair toward the nape.

A simple variant with hair formed by inserting the lower end of the hair.

You create by making torchon one part of the head and pull the ends then clamped with hairpins.

If we want the style glam-punk rock, we can choose to leave a few curls falling over his forehead.

By lifting all the hair from the bottom up and tie them with a headband or tiara, leaving a few strands to decorate.

If your hair is longer than shoulder then be able to create two torchon in the middle of the neck.

make hair style ponytail, then we roll rrambut own, leaving the crest and binds to the side with a hairpin.

The same technique can vary the look collecting all the hair with a headband.

Side is done by pulling the ends of the hair on one side of the head, to touch more trendy we can fix the periphery with a rubber band.
Here are hair samples were used for a different look to go out with friends or just for everyday work. Depending on the density of the type of curls.


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