Hair Style color 2015 : Black Raven, Platinum Blonde or the Red Apricot

brown gold hair


Once more we see the model’s hair with a trendy haircut and so beautiful, now we will see the hair with colors that will be the trend in the 2015. Hair style in 2015, the right colored with shades, beautiful, not too flashy and certainly very classy. Which certainly has different shades of blonde hair color, but still have a class in the first place, the dominance of natural brown and red glamor.

This 2015-blond hair back a lot in the favorite in women, with extreme hairstyles. Another alternative is to use a natural color but has a kind of unique natural color. But blonde color is still much in the favorite

blond-titian style

There is also a hair style with black shades that highlight the eyes clearly and make your skin color live. The display becomes visible natural and graceful course.

Natural black raven hair

The hair color is very unique. The red color has the privilege of improving the appearance and facial features. One of the most attractive color from red to apricot 2015 is followed by a more intense red copper.

Red Apricot intens Hair

Those who want to brave the more intense tones and above, can opt for a striking purple that offer fun formed of color without going overboard.

Purple Hair tren 2015
For summer catwalks have shown streaks of color like neon colors to solve the regularity of natural color, suitable for special events or can be used to the style that will follow the trend. For the foreseeable future with blonde shades of brown. Coupled with a haircut that is extraordinary make you look attractive and be a concern for people.


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