Granny Hair Color, The Trend of Gray and White Hair

Granny Hair Color Trend of Gray and White Hair

Granny Hair Color Trend of Gray and White Hair



We do not suspect that there is a trend unlikely new hair color will be the current trend, namely Granny Hair Color. With colors that we know for sure is not far from the colors white or slightly gray. If according to the people who have it, it makes the grandmother hair color charm completely different and unique. It seems this trend is born of several social media indicating that the granny hair color was very beautiful and attract attention. And the celebrities dared to wear this color, hair color grandmother’s sure to be a legend in hair color.

White and gray in the hair can lead to hair color trend this time. Proven in serial-serial TV using granny hair color to make it an enchanting style. As an example Rihanna and Lady Gaga are almost looks like a witch with a granny hair color and it seems I also like his hairstyle. To make grandma hair color is not easy, the first step that must be done is to make the hair color to white first, then incorporating elements of gray in the hair, and this is not easy.


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